How to find antiderivative of a fraction

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Definition of Antiderivatives

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To find the antiderivative of scalar multiple of a function f(x), we can find it using the formula given by, ∫kf(x) dx = k ∫f(x) dx. This implies, the antidifferentiation of kf(x) is equal to k times

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What formula is used to find the anti-derivative of a fraction?

In general, the antiderivative of {eq}f (x) = 2x {/eq} is given by the formula {eq}F (x) = x^2 + C {/eq}, where {eq}C {/eq} represents any constant. This is because adding a constant

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5.5 Other Options for Finding Algebraic Antiderivatives

You'll need to know the antiderivative of 1/x. Enj This is a very common question in a Calc 1 class when you first learn about integrals and antiderivatives. You'll need to know