How to find the area of shapes

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Calculating the Area of Shapes

Different methods for estimating the Area of Irregular Shape are: Evaluating Area using unit Squares. Dividing the Irregular Shape into two or more Regular Shapes. Dividing the Irregular Shape with curves into two or more Regular


Area Calculator

Find the area of the side by multiplying the height of the cylinder by the perimeter of the base. The perimeter of a circle is P=2πr, so the area of the side is A=2πhr 5 Add up all the areas: the two identical

Area of Plane Shapes

The unit of measurement for the area is always the square of the unit in which lengths are given. The resultant unit is the product of the units of the given lengths. Let’s take an example, the area of a square with side length 8 cm is:

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What is area?

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What is area?

How to Find the Area of a Rectangle . The formula for finding the area of a rectangle is A = w x l, where “w” represents the width and “l” represents the length. Example:
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