How to spell 80

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Correct spelling of 80 at

eightieth 80th or eightieth is the ordinal version of the cardinal number 80. Now that you know how to spell 80th, you may also be interested to know that 80 is spelled eighty. Spell Ordinal

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Write 80 number in english words or spelling?

The correct spelling for the number 80 is Eighty, not Eightty. The best way to remember the spelling of 80 is to use the word “Eight,” and add “y”

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Spell Eighty

Best Answer. Copy. The cardinal number 80 is spelled eighty. Wiki User. ∙ 2014-08-10 04:01:51. This answer is: Study guides.
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How do you spell 80 in English?

The number 80 is correctly spelt as Eighty, not Eightty. A tip to remember the spelling Eighty is to first write the spelling of 8 i.e., ‘eight’ and then add ‘y’ to it. Due to the nature

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How do you spell 80

How to spell 80 This website is a simple tool that you can use as a quick reference to spell any number. This can be useful for writing professional letters, e-mails, or cheques. To use the tool