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U-Substitution for Integration

Identifying the Change of Variables for U-Substitution Well, the key is to find the outside function and the inside function, where the outside function is the derivative of the inside function! Then we will make a suitable substitution that will simplify our integrand so that we can

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Integration by Substitution

Here are 4 simple steps for u-substitution: Pick your ā€œuā€. This expression is the inside part of the chain rule and is usually the term inside a radical, power, Differentiate u u u
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Guidelines for u-substitution

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U-Substitution and Integration by Parts

= e u + C = e x 2 +2x+3 + C. Of course, it is the same answer that we got before, using the chain rule backwards. In essence, the method of u-substitution is a way to recognize the

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