How to write exponential function

Write the formula for g (t). Well, the fact that it's an exponential function, we know that its formula is going to be of the form g (t) is equal to our initial value which we could call A, times our common ratio which we could call r, to the t power. It's going to have that form.

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Write an Exponential Function

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How to Write an Exponential Function Given a Rate and

How to write an exponential function if given two points Plug each coordinate point in for x and y in the equation y = abx y = a b x. Divide the equation with the larger

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The exponential function

The exponential function {eq}f{/eq}, represented in the table below, can be written as {eq}f(x)=a\cdot(b)^x {/eq}. Find values for a and b, and write the function f(x).
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