How to find maximum velocity calculus

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In physics, how is maximum velocity found?

I took derivative of the quadratic and got V=24t-6t^2 and set it =0, then i solve for t and substituted in x=12t^2-2t^3 to get the max. positive coordinate. But I don't know what to
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How to Calculate Maximum Velocity

At the maximum height the ball will not be rising or falling so it will have 0 velocity. Thus we need to compute $v(t)$ and set it equal to 0. Take the derivative and you should get $v(t)=p'(t)=-9.8t+10$. Thus the maximum height will occur

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How to find the maximum velocity and maximum acceleration?

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How can I calculate maximum velocity in simple harmonic

If we want to find the maximum velocity, we take the derivative of velocity (which is acceleration) and find where the derivative is zero. v ′ ( t) = 12 t − 24 Next, we set the derivative equal to zero