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Given, Side length (s)= 6.5cm. Area of Pentagon = (1/4) (√ (5 (5+2√5))) s 2. = (1/4) (√ (5 (5+2√5))) (6.5)2. The value for the expression (1/4) (√ (5 (5+2√5))) is approximately equal

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How to Find the Area of a Regular Pentagon

To find the area of pentagon, we have to know the length of its sides. Using apothem, we have area of pentagon equals to 5/2 x s x a. Using only sides of regular pentagon, the area will be
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How to find the Area of Pentagon?

To find the area of a pentagon with the apothem, a, and one side length, s, you use the area of a pentagon formula: A = 1 2 × a × 5 ( s ) What if you do not know the apothem of your pentagon?

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Intermediate Geometry : How to find the area of a pentagon

The Area of a Pentagon Formula is, A = (5 ⁄ 2) × s × a Where, “s” is the side of the Pentagon “a” is the apothem length Area of a Regular Pentagon Formula If all the sides of a pentagon are

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