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A fellow math class student showed me this app before math class and I am now totally blown away! I love this app and use it anytime I am struggling with a problem, and it's a teaching tool for me as well.

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Apart from that the APP IS AMAZING. For example, like for this problem: x + 4 < 5 There you go. I can't describe how awesome this app is. I love this app! It has improved my studies and it helps me understand all the difficult and confusing problems and concepts easily.

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All busy work from math teachers has been eliminated and the show step function has actually taught me something every once in a while, anyways this is a great app to use when you want to check your answer (or even cheat).

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Simple Interest Intro

Definition of Interest more Money paid for the use of other money. Example: Sam invests $1000 and receives $60 in interest after a year. Example: Alex borrows $5000 from the bank at

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Simple and Compound Interest – Math For Our World

interest • interest is a fee paid for borrowing money or other assets. • the amount borrowed is called the principal. • the interest is expressed as a percentage rate of the principal for a given time interval. • two common types of interest are

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Compound Interest Definition. Compound interest is the interest calculated on the principal and the interest accumulated over the previous period. It is different from simple interest, where