Antilog calculator

Free Logarithms Calculator - Simplify logarithmic expressions using algebraic rules step-by-step

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Inverse Log Calculator

The inverse function calculator finds the inverse of the given function. If f (x) f ( x) is a given function, then the inverse of the function is calculated by interchanging the variables and

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Logarithm and Inverse Log Calculator

Inverse Log Calculator (Antilogarithm) Formula x = log b -1 (y) = b y Table of contents Inverse Log Formula Inverse Log Definition Inverse Log Example Enter a number as

Find the Inverse f(x) = log of x

Example 1: Find the inverse of the log equation below. f\left ( x \right) = {\log _2}\left ( {x + 3} \right) f (x) = log2 (x + 3) Start by replacing the function notation f\left ( x \right) f (x) by y y. Then, interchange the roles of \color {red}x x and

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inverse of log_{8}(x)

An antilog is the inverse function of a logarithm which means that it’s simply an exponentiation. You can calculate the antilog of a number using this formula: x
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Inverse Log Calculator

The inverse logarithm is calculated by raising the base b to the logarithm y. Log of x with base b is given by log b x while the antilog Formula is x = log b-1 y = b y Let's see a Reverse Log