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Krispy Kreme: Partial Products

That’s what the Krispy Kreme Challenge is – a tradition started by ten friends but now an annual event for North Carolina State students. In 2020, 5,489 runners participated in


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Krispy Kreme Teaching Resources

For generations, Krispy Kreme has been serving delicious doughnuts and coffee. Stop by for an Original Glazed doughnut or other variety paired with a hot or iced coffee.

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Krispy Kreme Me – Third Grade

Annual Reports , Current Page Annual Reports. SEC Filings. Quarterly Results. Form 8937. 2021 Annual Report. 2021 Annual Report 9.4 MB.

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Krispy Kreme Me

Krispy Kreme Me was created under the collaborative efforts of some amazing educators: Krystal Shaw, Jenise Sexton, Mike Weirnicki, and me. Click the link here to find more of My 3-Act

Donut Delight

In this task, students will determine the number of krispy kreme donuts in a large box given the dimensions of the box in donuts. Students will be multiplying 2-digit by 2-digit numbers without the use of a calculator. The arrangement of donuts

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