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After trying This app it not only gave me the answer and a step by step tutorial, it also helped boost my confidence in solving math questions that are hard. At first it was a little kinky I tried putting a word problem In but it turned out that it didn't work but now i know what to do.

Simon Lynch

A little disappointing to see them require a subscription for in depth explanations, amazing, I am learning more during online math classes because of this. But overall its a super easy to use problem solver and i havnt had a problem with it yet, but went back online,Math has been a struggle, But I appreciate you getting me through most,been a great help.

Eugene Flynn

10/10 would smash if it was a human, after all it has helped a lot so I gave it 5 stars. Also when you think something doesnt make sense it will remind you that your not insane by showing that the problem has no solution.

Wayne Ramey

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