Hexagon Calculator

Formula The formula used by this calculator to calculate the unknown length, width or height of a rectangular shaped box is: L3 = V / (L1 · L2) Symbols V = Volume L1 = 1st Length L2 = 2nd Length L3 = 3rd Length Volume Enter the

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Area Calculator

This calculator will use the Pythagorean Theorem to solve for the missing length of a right triangle given the lengths of the other two sides. Plus, unlike other online calculators, this calculator will show its work and draw the shape of the right triangle based on the results.

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Rectangle Calculator

Matrix addition. Matrix addition can only be performed on matrices of the same size. This

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Area of a Rectangle Calculator

Calculator Use Enter any 3 variables for a rectangular prism into this online calculator to calculate the other 3 unknown variables. A cube is a special case where l = w = h for a rectangular prism. Units: Note that units are shown for convenience but do not affect the calculations.

Dimensions Of A Rectangle Calculator

Polygon Calculator Use this calculator to calculate properties of a regular polygon. Enter any 1 variable plus the number of sides or the polygon name. Calculates side length, inradius (apothem), circumradius, area and perimeter. Calculate from an regular 3-gon up to a regular 1000-gon. Units: Note that units of length are shown for convenience.

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Online Length and Width of a Rectangle Calculator

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