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Mph fps calculator

One MPH is equal to 1.46667 FPS, so use this simple formula to convert - The value in FPS is equal to the value of MPH multiplied by 1.46667. FPS = MPH * 1.46667; For calculation

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Convert mph to fps (Miles per hour to Feet per second)

This calculator provides conversion of miles per hour to feet per second and backwards (fps to mph).

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Miles Per Hour to Feet Per Second Conversion

One FPS is equal to 0.681818 MPH, so use this simple formula to convert - The value in MPH is equal to the value of FPS multiplied by 0.681818. MPH = FPS * 0.681818; For calculation, here's

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FPS to MPH (Formula & Converter)

This calculator provides conversion of feet per second to miles per hour and backwards (mph to fps).
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miles per hour

The MPH is the abbreviation for miles per hour. All you have to do is input the distance travelled in miles and time travelled either in minutes or hours then by pressing the “Calculate” button the