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What is a Polygon? Shape, Types, Formulas, Examples, Facts

A polygon is a two-dimensional geometric figure that has a finite number of sides. The sides of a polygon are made of straight line segments connected to each

What is a Polygon?

In Mathematics, a polygon is a closed two-dimensional shape having straight line segments. It is not a three-dimensional shape. A polygon does not have any curved surface. A polygon should

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Polygon Definition (Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary)

Polygons are 2-dimensional shapes. They are made of straight lines, and the shape is closed (all the lines connect up). Polygon comes from Greek. Poly- means many and -gon means angle. Types of Polygons Regular or

A Maths Dictionary for Kids Quick Reference by

A polygon is a plane figure that closes in a space using only line segments. If it must use only line segments and must close in a space, the polygon with the fewest sides has to be the triangle (three sides and interior angles).


What is a Polygon?

In geometry, the definition of a polygon is given as a closed two-dimensional figure with three or more straight lines. The Greek word Polygon consists of Poly meaning many and gon meaning angle. We see many different