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Rational equation graph

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How to graph a rational function using 6 steps

This video explains how to determine an equation of a rational function based up the properties of the graph of the rational function.Site: http://mathispowe
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Graphing Rational Functions

Graphing Rational Functions The graph of a basic rational function (1/x) is easy to do by plotting key points. When graphing rational functions, the functions are asymptotic to either the x-axis and y-axis or to certain lines if there are shifts in

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Graphing rational functions 1 (video)

Free rational equation calculator - solve rational equations step-by-step

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Graphing Rational Equations

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Graphs of rational functions (practice)

Example: Graph the rational function f(x) = (x 2 + 5x + 6) / (x 2 + x - 2). Solution: We have already identified that its VA is x = 1, its HA is y = 1, and the hole is at (-2, -1/3). We use dotted lines for asymptotes so that we can take care that the

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