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Richter scale calculator is a mathematical tool that helps to solve math equations.

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Earthquake Magnitude Calculator

Charles Richter originally developed a scale to categorise the energy released from earthquakes in California as recorded on a Wood-Anderson torsion seismograph. A magnitude Zero earthquake was defined as one that
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ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND. Amazing best math app ever, and it has an option to search some things so you can search faster, but seriously this application bring my maths too many many easy. G advertisements. Helped me quite a lot during my GCSEs and I continue to use it in my A-levels.

Timothy McConnell

After so many years , I have a pencil on my hands, amazing way to check your child's homework! So much faster and easier than entering it manually into calculator. As a highschool being self taught this app is amazing. But the only problem I've is that,it requires plenty of data before it can solve a question.

Frank Tripp

10/10 app I would definitely recommend it to others who struggle with math, 99/year for step-by-step feature is questionable, even better than a calculator, every now and then it has a hiccup. Excellent, really helpful.

Joseph Rivera