what does semicolon e.g : means in math

What does semicolon mean? A semicolon is a symbol that looks like this:; What is the equation mean in math? a statement that the values of two mathematical expressions are

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Using a semicolon in a functin argument. eg. f = f(x, y; t)

In the calculus of relations, a semicolon is used to refer to the composition of relations or combining two groups of binary relations together. Here, the semicolon is placed between both relations, each usually represented by a capital letter. For example, A ; B would mean the set of binary relations in sets A and B. See more
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what does the semi colon mean in the problem 9 + 4y = 17;1

How do I solve this question l, kinda hard stuck rn. (Dumb question) Doing compound interest. If I were to round this to the nearest hundredth, would that be 81550.94 or 81550.95? Not sure if I

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