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Five Steps to Division

The first method is simple division. Your answer will come out as a whole number. 1) Setup the division problem (84/7). 2) Divide 8 by 7 to get 1. Place this on top of the 8 and the division


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How to do Long Division: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide

Short division simplifies this written process. 3 Write the remainder next to the first number of the dividend. Write a small 3 to the top right of the number 8. This will remind you that there was a remainder of
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5 Ways to Do Division

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Steps to Long Division Problems (With Examples)

Division facts with missing dividend or divisor Divide by 10 or 100 Divide by whole tens or hundreds Divide whole tens or hundreds by 1-digit numbers Divide numbers up to 1,000 by 1-digit numbers Division with remainders (1-1,000)