Sinusoidal word problems

Thank you in advance! 1. Write a sinusoidal function for the function with a period of 6. The function has a max of 3 at x=2 and a low point of -1. My answer: y=2sin [ (pi/3) (x)] +1.

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Sinusoidal Word Problems

a) Assume that the height h (t) of the mass is a sinusoidal function, where t is the time in seconds, sketch a graph of h from t = 0 to t = 0.8 seconds. t = 0 is the time at which the mass is

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Trig Unit B Sinusoidal Word Problems You have agreed to

This is a sinusoidal word problem from a PreCalculus class Kristen T Follow Senior Instructional Technologist Advertisement 1. Sinusoidal Word Problem One particular

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Sinusoidal models word problems (practice)

PRACTICE Trig Word Problems 1. Write the trigonometric equation for the function with a period of 6. The function has a maximum of 3 at x = 2 and a low point of –1. 2. Write the trigonometric
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