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Solving Logarithmic Equations

In other words, if \log (a)=\log (b) log(a) =log(b) then a a must equal b b. \frac {x+1} {x-1}=1000 x −1x +1 = 1000. 6. Multiply both sides of the equation by x-1 x−1. x+1=1000\left (x-1\right) x+ 1
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Solving Logarithmic Equations

Logarithmic equations can be solved using the laws of logarithms. These laws allow us to rewrite logarithms and form more convenient expressions. If you need to review the laws of logarithms, you can look at this article: Laws of

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Calculus I

Solve the logarithmic equation log 2 (x +1) – log 2 (x – 4) = 3. Solution. First simplify the logarithms by applying the quotient rule as shown below. log 2 (x +1) – log 2 (x –

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