Solve first order linear differential equation

linear\:2y'-y=4\sin(3t) linear\:ty'+2y=t^2-t+1; linear\:ty'+2y=t^2-t+1,\:y(1)=\frac{1}{2} linear\:\frac{dv}{dt}=10-2v; linear\:\frac{dx}{dt}=5x-3

5.3 First Order Linear Differential Equations

Finally, you can use another formula to find the general solution of the first order linear differential equation y = 1/I (x) [Integral (I (x)Q (x)dx + C]. This video contains plenty of

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Linear Differential Equations

A first order linear differential equation is a differential equation of the form y'+p (x) y=q (x) y′ + p(x)y = q(x). The left-hand side of this equation looks almost like the result of using the product
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Linear First Order Differential Equations Calculator

Step1: Definition of first order linear differential equation. Consider the differential equation where is a smooth function and 'a' is a constant. Then the general solution will be . Solve the

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