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Solving One-Step Linear Equations: Multiplying & Dividing

It's being divide, so we are going to multiply both sides by 5. Now we will work with each side. On the left hand side, y = -10 the 5's will cancel out and disappear. On the right, -2 (5) = -10 We

Solving Algebra Equations with Multiplication and Division

y / 2 = 4 ( y / 2) * 2 = 4 * 2 y = 8 Now, Plugging this information into the first equation, you can solve for x: x / y = 2 x / 8 = 2 ( x / 8) * 8 = 2 * 8 x = 16 And you are done. You have

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One-step multiplication & division equations

Step 1:Given an equation of the form {eq}\dfrac{x}{p} = q{/eq} where {eq}p{/eq} and {eq}q{/eq} are known and {eq}x{/eq} is unknown, we first identify the denominator, {eq}p{/eq}. Step 2:Multiply both sides of the equation by the fraction {eq}\dfrac{p}{1}{/eq}. Step 3: Simplify the equation in Step 2to obtain th See more
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