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a total of 135 seats, 118 front handlebars (that steer the bike

Here is the Level C problem: Three months later some vehicles have sold and new models have been brought into the Wheel Shop. Now, there are a different number of bicycles
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Level C The Wheel Shop

In the back stockroom at the Wheel Shop, the number of seats and horns equaled the number of wheels. The number seats and handlebars equaled the number of horns. Twice the number of

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To solve a math equation, you need to figure out what the equation is asking for and then use the appropriate operations to solve it.

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The math equation is: 3 + 4 = 7.

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Problem of the Month The Wheel Shop

There are bicycles and go-carts in a different room of the shop. Each bicycle has only one seat and each go-cart has only one seat. There are a total of 21 seats and 54 wheels in that room.

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