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100% would reccomend. Amazing 5 stars helps me with my homework and does is to fast and the calculator in there is really good has all what I need, one thing I would say is when I do my maths homework late at night cause I leave it to the last minute the photo thing can not pick up the maths and comes as a blank screen but I think that's just me doing my homework at 12 o clock.

Perry Berwick

5stars. Absolutely amazing to use, how ever this app can become more better if the input method is made more easier like by using digital pen and by pasting from some other app. I can't even explain how helpful it it, i don't like that you have to pay for that animated stuff, but I can live without.

Ferdinand Hamilton

And it's really useful for things like tests, helped me with my math work and keeping my grades up. I 100% recommend this, i didn't get any ads, but that might not be normal, i love how you can take pictures of your problems to easily solve them.

Gregory Winston

How Do You Solve and Graph a Two-Step Inequality?

So let's add 25 to both sides of this equation. And with the left-hand side, 2 plus 25 five is 27 and we're going to get 27 is greater than. The right-hand side of the inequality is negative 12y. And then negative

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Two-Step Inequalities Worksheets

In both cases, divide by -3 on both sides, but reverse the inequality sign when doing that for the inequality. Parul attempted to solve an inequality but made one or more errors. Her work and