Vertical stretch equation

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Horizontal And Vertical Graph Stretches And Compressions

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Determine a Vertical Stretch or Vertical Compression

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How to find Equation of Vertically stretched Parabola from Graph

The Rule for Vertical Stretches and Compressions: if y = f(x), then y = af(x) gives a vertical stretch when a > 1 and a vertical compression when 0 Note that unlike translations where

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Compressions and Stretches

To stretch the graph of this function vertically, multiply it by a constant greater than 1. So the new equation will be: `y_(n e w)= k*f(x)` where k is any real number greater than 1.

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Vertical Stretch – Properties, Graph, & Examples

Vertically stretching a function by a factor of a is the same as multiplying by a. In this problem, it is vertically stretched by a factor of 3, thus it is multiplied by 3, that is:

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3.5 Graphing Functions Using Stretches and Compressions

This tends to make the graph steeper, and is called a vertical stretch. Let 0 equation y =f(x) y = f ( x) . Multiply the previous y y -values by k k, giving the new

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