Washer problems calculus

The washer method is used when you have two functions where you want to find the volume between the functions. Let's start with a couple of simple functions: y = 1 and y = 2.

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Disk Method , Washer Around X, Y Calculus Problems

Example: Using the Washer Method Find the volume of a solid of revolution formed by revolving the region bounded above by the graph of f (x) =x f ( x) = x and below by the graph of g(x) = 1 x

Volume of a Solid of Revolution: Disks and Washers

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The washer method

Step 1: First, we will graph our bounded region. How To Find The Volume Of A Solid With Integrals Step 2: Next, we will identify our rotation axis and create our vertical, rectangular slice perpendicular to the axis of rotation (i.e., the x-axis). In doing so, we determine our thickness to be dx. Washer Method – Revolving Around See more

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