What is not a statistical question

Math can be a challenging subject for many learners. But there is support available in the form of What is not a statistical question.

Statistical and non statistical questions (video)

We can put each of them on a weighing machine and come up with an absolute answer. There's no variability in this dog's weight, at least at the moment that we weigh it, no variability in this wolf's weight at the moment that we weigh it.

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What Is a Statistical Question? (Teacher Version)

A statistical question requires the collection and analysis of data in order to answer it. For example, “What correlation exists between student height and the student’s grade on the final

What is a Statistical Question?

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Lesson Explainer: Statistical and Nonstatistical Questions

A question is not a statistical question if it has an exact answer. For example “How old are you?”. A question is a statistical question if the answer is a percent, range, or average.

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