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12.2 First law of Thermodynamics: Thermal Energy and Work

The formula for Work can be expressed as, W = F.d W = (Fcos θ)d Where, W = Work done F = Magnitude of the force applied d = Magnitude of the displacement in the direction of the force. θ = is the angle between the vectors: force and

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Calculating Work

Hence, work done is \ (W = F \times s \times {\rm {cos}}\;\theta = F \times s\) 2. Negative work In this case, the displacement caused is in the opposite direction with respect to

The Formula For Work: Physics Equation With Examples

If, \ (W_g =\) work done by gravity \ (W_N =\) work done by a normal reaction \ ( W_f =\) work done by friction force \ (K_f =\) final kinetic energy \ (K_i =\) initial kinetic energy Then, \ (W_g + W_N + W_f = K_f – K_i\)

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